International solidarity in the classroom SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LAS CASAS, MEXICO—Over the last few years, the Zapatistas in Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas have garnered very little media attention and been infamously secretive. But although they’ve shifted away from their militant stance of the 1990s and their national political campaigning of the early 2000s, the movement […]


(English Version to follow) Armados con walkie-talkie y placa de identificación, ellos patrullan uno de los barrios más peligrosos de la ciudad de México. Es un grupo, integrado principalmente por ciudadanos, el que brinda seguridad en un área que la policía no puede o no quiere proteger. Se autodenominan “policía comunitaria”, el gobierno mexicano los […]


(Please oh please, hit the HD button when watching this video!) The small town of Angangueo is a colourful little place surrounded by mountains in the central Mexican state of Michoacan.  On May 3rd they celebrate el Dia de Santa Cruz with enough fireworks to blow up a small planet.  El Dia de Santa Cruz […]


  MEXICO CITY—Typewriters are long thought to be a thing of the past, or an essential piece of vintage decor, but not in Santo Domingo Square in Mexico City. Here, some 20 escribanos sit outside, behind their typewriters and small wooden writing desks, waiting for customers. The escribanos are Mexico City’s professional letter writers. They’ve […]

Fascinated by the varying uses of public space, Visual Anthropologist Paola Frances Garnica and I documented the use of a particular street in Mexico City.  Looking at Filadelfia Street in the area Benito Juarez, we explored how the stability of the street can guide people’s actions (for example, where there is a chair I will […]


Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a journalist or writer.  Since 2006, over 46 Mexican journalists and writers have been killed or disappeared, and their lives continue to be threatened.  As a result, many journalists and media outlets have opted to sensor themselves and have stopped reporting on […]


Last week, students of Oaxaca, Mexico protested the new education reforms recently passed by Mexico’s new president Enrique Pena Nieto.  President Nieto has been very busy lately enacting new reforms.  Many international media have been hailing the education reforms as being a positive thing for the country, since Mexico’s public school system is largely seen […]


Every Tuesday evening a group of men gather together to put on tight spandex pants, form fitting masks, bright capes, and in some cases lather themselves with oil and enter a ring to try to pin each other down for three seconds.  Welcome to Mexican Wrestling, known in Spanish as Lucha Libre. Lucha Libre differs […]

  The bus was more full than all the other transit I had taken so far.  We were on our way from San Antonio, Texas down to Mexico.  I was feeling anxious because I felt that I didn’t have space to myself, space to think and prepare for the intimidating trek over the border.  I […]


I woke up on a Texan’s couch in Austin at 10:00 am to these words: “You ready for some bar-b-q?” We arrived in the line up at Franklin’s Barbeque at 11:00 where a staff member told us that we were looking at a one and a half hour wait. “Not too bad,” said my Texan […]


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